Renée Lynn – Principal

Renée has been a teacher for 20 years, graduating with a Bachelor of Education. Renée became a teacher as she wanted to help children and liked working with others as part of a team. During her teaching career Renée has taught at a variety of country and metropolitan schools across R-7. Her most recent schools are Rose Park Primary School and Littlehampton Primary School. When at Rose Park, Renée secured her first Leadership position. She joined Littlehampton Primary School as the Deputy Principal and for most of 2021 has been the Principal. A strength of Renée’s is her ability to communicate with people. She loves a chat and getting to know people. If you see her around the school please go and say hi. Renée lives in The Hills with her husband and 2 children, Jaxon and Matilda. She spends her time watching her children play squash and football, reading and cooking. Renée is looking forward to working at Lenswood Primary School and getting to know the community.

Elle Wiseman – Reception/Year 1 Teacher

Elle Wiseman joined our staff at Lenswood late last year and is new to teaching our Reception/One class in 2022. She taught reception for several years in Morphett Vale, before taking a coordinator position in the Middle School at Seymour College In 2017.  Elle lives in the hills with her husband, Kym and two children, Ted and Francesca. Her passions lie in play-based learning as well as holistic education that sees children developing their academics alongside life skills like independent thinking and problem solving.


James started at Lenswood Primary School at the beginning of 2022 as the middle primary teacher. As a graduate, he started his career at Meadows Primary School where he taught a range of year levels spending most of his time teaching the year 6/7 class. One of his favourite subjects to teach is HASS, because he is well travelled and loves learning about the diverse cultures of the world. He also loves his sport, specifically, AFL football and basketball.

Helen Read – Year 5/6 Teacher

Helen has been at Lenswood since 2008 and has been teaching for 29 years, starting as a junior primary teacher and then moving up to the older students.  She has lived in Littlehampton for the past 20 years.  Helen lives with her husband and 3 very spoilt dogs.  She has a 17 year old step-son.  She loves teaching all of the subjects especially maths and is passionate about taking kids on camp.  Helen loves to read a good book when there is enough time.

Julie Browne – Teacher

Julie has been at Lenswood since 2008 and has been teaching for over 30 years.  She trained as a junior primary teacher but has taught many different levels over the years.  She loves children’s books and uses them in all areas of learning.  Julie now lives at Littlehampton and has spent many years living in the hills and country areas.  She has 5 children and 8 beautiful grandchildren, with more on the way.  Julie loves taking her 2 dogs for walks and exercising to stay fit.  She also enjoys AFL football and is an Adelaide supporter.

Alison Mason – Year 5/6 Teacher – Science & Band

Alison lives in Forest Range on an apple orchard.  She is married to Graham and has three children, 2 are Secondary school and the youngest is in year 7.  Graham and all of her children have attended Lenswood Primary.  Alison loves teaching and has taught in different schools around the state from the far north to the hills.  She has also taught in the UK.  Her favourite subjects would have to be maths, science and music, but enjoys teaching them all.  Alison loves gardening, helping on the farm, walking and processing the fruit and vegetables grown.  She loves to read too when she has a spare minute which isn’t very often!

Julia Cowlam – Finance Officer/Front Office

Julia has been our front office face for over 16 years now.  Having moved into beautiful Lenswood 19 years ago with her husband and two children, who also attended Lenswood Primary School, Julia feels extremely lucky and proud to be part of the Lenswood Community.  Julia enjoys being part of the Lobethal Netball and Football Clubs.

Nicola Green – Student Support/Library

Nicola has been working at Lenswood since 2008 as an SSO supporting children in the classroom and then later moving into Library/admin work as well.  She loves coming to school every day and working with the children.  Recently Nicola has helped re-establish our veggie patch and get our Kitchen Garden program going.  Nicola has lived in Lenswood for 30 years and loves our community and Lenswood Primary.  She is married with three children and enjoys spending time with her family, gardening and getting away to the beach on holidays.

Kylie Kleemann – Student Support

Kylie has been working at Lenswood Primary School, supporting the children in our classes for over 10 years.  She enjoys working with all children, but specifically children who need a little extra support to improve their learning outcomes.  Recently she has been involved in getting a kitchen garden program up and running.  Kylie lives in Lobethal with her husband, and has 2 adult children and way too many pets.  In her spare time she enjoys horse riding and spending time at the beach.

Dean Moss – Groundsman