The school governing council is the major decision-making and fundraising body. Members are elected for a two year period at the Annual General Meeting in February. All parents are welcome to attend school council meetings or to submit items for the agenda. Only elected members can vote on issues, but you will be encouraged to join the council once you become a member of the school community.


This group meets once a month and meeting are advertised in the newsletter. New members are always sure of a warm welcome and are guaranteed to enjoy their participation in this group. Its aims are:

  • to develop and maintain an interest in the welfare of children at the school.
  • to co-operate with the principal and staff in providing a cordial environment within the school.
  • to negotiate with the principal and staff in providing extra amenities and equipment when necessary.
  • to assist the Department for Education and our teachers in the total development of our children while attending this primary school.


All students are members of the SRC or Student Representative Council. They discuss issues relevant to student matters. The SRC will organise fundraising and special events. A rotating executive is appointed each week, consisting of chairperson, secretary, treasurer and observer.