Planning and Reporting:

Working side by side with parents, carers and families ensures that we are able to achieve the best educational outcomes for our students.  Our staff are available every day for informal face to face discussions before school to touch base and we encourage you to drop in and keep lines of communication open.  In addition to this, we provide formal updates regarding your child’s academic progress through two written reports each year and two formal face to face progress meetings.  Your child is encouraged to attend these meetings, so they also have an opportunity to discuss their progress, celebrate success or work through any challenges.  Throughout the remainder of the year you are welcome to book additional meetings at any stage with our staff including the principal to receive progress updates or work through any issues or concerns you may have.  We find that open communication and working collectively with families ensures students and their families are set up for success within our learning environment.

School Improvement Plan and Annual Report:

Each school within the Department for Education has a formal School Improvement Plan, which focusses on what the school will be doing to improve literacy and numeracy practices and outcomes over a three year period.  Collectively with students, staff and governing council representatives we developed out three year plan in 2019 and I am pleased to say that we are well on track with our improvement goals.  The second document you will find is our end of year annual report, which contains a range of summaries from a few key stakeholders throughout the school community.  Take a moment to dig a little deeper into our school directions and browse the documents at your leisure.

2022 Context Statement

2021 External School Review

Getting Involved:

Governing Council:

Governing Council puts the partnership between parents and the school into action.  As a parent on Governing Council here at Lenswood, what started out as a desire to support my own child’s education, inevitably grew into a broader vision for the school and community.  Providing input into the school’s future direction is one of the major benefits to being on Governing Council.  Some of the real ways we have been able to contribute as parents has been to develop strategies and solutions for growing student numbers, providing OSHC facilities and IT infrastructure upgrades.  But sometimes it’s the quick wins and small achievements that have provided the most satisfaction and it’s always good to keep your finger on the pulse. Evelyn (parent)


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Our school has a proud history of working together as a community.  We have a strong focus on supporting the community and in return we are thrilled to have many current, past or future families volunteer on a regular basis.  Volunteering can be as simple as coming in on a semi-regular basis to listen to children read or you could be involved in one of the formal committees listed above.  We support you to undertake all relevant training and screenings prior to volunteering, so if this sounds like something you’re interested in please speak to Julia in the front office. As a thank you we host a spectacular volunteer’s afternoon tea each year and have been known to promote our volunteers for awards at the South Australian Volunteers awards ceremonies.