On behalf of the Lenswood Primary School community, I would like to welcome you to our school website.  We are a proud school who has been highly regarded as a school of choice for more than 150 years.  Our focus on supporting students to develop academic excellence along with a strong sense of community and citizenship has been one of the many reasons why people travel from all over to be a part of our learning community.  Below you’ll find a few highlights of Lenswood Primary School, but do find the time to browse our website and take a closer look.  We are so very proud of our staff, students and families and would love to welcome you into the Lenswood Primary School community.

A Welcoming Primary School:

Nestled within prime apple growing country, Lenswood Primary School is ideally located in the pristine Adelaide Hills.  The atmosphere of our school is warm and welcoming, a mood reinforced by the historical charm of the main building and the attractive physical environment.  Our school caters for approximately 60 students, meaning our class sizes are suitably small ranging from 14 – 22 students in each.  Our ratio of staff to students is unbeatable and we have a strong focus on personalising learning for all of our students.  When you enrol your child at our school we pride ourselves on welcoming your whole family, not just your child.  We know that parents are the primary educator of a child and work with you to get the best learning outcomes for your child.

Small School, Big Ideas:

We are proud to be a small school with big ideas and high expectations.  In our welcoming and supportive community, no student gets lost in the crowd.  We provide differentiated learning programs, aligned to the curriculum, to ensure all students are challenged, independent learners who are working towards clear learning goals.  Our expectations for learning are high for every student and reflect the aims and goals of both our community and the students themselves.

Our mixed age classes challenge students to extend and develop themselves as teachers, not just learners.  All of our students are leaders in their own right.  We have built a reputation as a school that is inclusive and encourages learners to build on their individual strengths and interests.  Our staff are highly trained and passionate about making a difference for your child and their learning.

Outstanding Literacy, Numeracy, Creativity and the Arts:

We believe that the foundations of learning (literacy and numeracy), should be embedded in all learning and we achieve this through innovative and integrated programming.  We have a very strong core literacy and numeracy focus.  Our maths programs are hands on and inquiry-based, giving our students the opportunity to think and act like mathematicians, while engaging in open ended maths problems, using a wide range of maths skills and knowledge.  Our literacy programs are targeted at the specific learning needs of each student, ensuring that every learner is provided with the support and guidance they need to take the next step in their learning.  Performance of our students in both literacy and numeracy are consistently well above state averages in NAPLAN and we continue to set ambitious improvement targets.

We pride ourselves on being a school where creativity is nurtured and learners are encouraged and motivated to engage in all aspects of The Arts.  Our specialist Arts teachers work collaboratively to ensure that all students have the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities within music, drama, visual and digital arts.  The culmination of these disciplines are showcased with a ‘one of a kind’ visual arts spectacular which is held every second year.

Nature Based Education:

We are fortunate to be surrounded with some of the best natural learning environments a school could hope for.  We have two nature play spaces on site, and access the local nature place space ‘Our Patch’ on a regular basis.  Our students are currently working with the Natural Resource Management to develop a biodiversity garden and on-site nature play facilities.  At Lenswood we value student voice and student agency.  Hence, the students are acting as change agents and are responsible for the entire project, starting with research, consolidation and the hands on construction of our spaces.  To provide consistency, we are communicating regularly with the Bush Kindy team at our local kindergarten to ensure that the methodology of using the environment as a 3rd educator is consistent for our youngest learners.

Everything listed above is just a small insight into our school.  Please take the time to browse our website and if you would like to book a tour contact me directly at Renee.Lynn892@schools.sa.edu.au.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Renée Lynn